Interview with Aron Joice

Aron Joice

Interview Date: 5/18/2012


I was raised in southern Virginia and later made New York City my home. I've been an avid reader since childhood. Since I was in a military family, I had a great deal of me time. I think that's when I started role playing. My brain became fertile ground for fantasizing. My passion is fantasy, but I enjoy reading other genres as well.
My background is in the performing arts. As a singer, songwriter, dancer, and theatrical costumer, there was more than ample opportunity to expand my imagination.
Many years of my life were dedicated to orphan relief in Eastern Europe, and animal rescue in America. I now live in the country with my pet family.

When did you start writing, and was there a significant event that prompted you to do so?

I started writing when I was very young. My dad was in the military and my mom worked for the government, and I had a lot of me time. I always wanted to be what I was not. I made up stories about being an Indian princess, a French exchange student, and one time I was a British diplomat’s daughter. The trouble began when I started role-playing; my poor mother was so embarrassed. I think being alone stimulated my desire to write and express myself.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? (Assuming said power would be reasonably "powerful.")

I don’t know if being invisible is really a power, but I would like to be the fly on the wall. One could do so many fun things and also help a person or two.

Do you have a favorite superhero from novels, comics, or movies?

I liked wonder woman (comics). I was never taken with the TV version. I wanted her plane, amazing since I hate to fly.

Kev's response: I just see so many issues with an invisible plane. Losing it, not being able to unlock it, people checking out your butt.... (I can just imagine all the jokes about how big the moon is these days as I fly overhead!)

Where do you get your inspiration for writing? What motivates you?

I have a fertile imagination, so it doesn’t take much to get me going on an idea. I’m motivated by my passion to write and all the wonderful authors who have shared their great stories, no matter what genre.

Kev's response: Note to self - buy some soil, see if it motivates you to write....

Do you pre-plan your stories, or are you a by-the-seat-of-the-pants style writer?

Definitely seat of the pants. I do get a title in mind and a mini movie starts to play. I have a novel coming down the road that was planned out because it involves ancient history. The research took a long time, but I think it will enhance the book. It’s an urban fantasy with a bit of paranormal thrown into the works. I wanted the history that is woven into the story to have validity.

Do you write only when inspired, or do you have a set schedule where you sit down to write?

I am incredibly disciplined. Part of that comes from being raised in a military family, the other from a performing arts background. I have a time for networking, and the business. And then I dedicate a certain amount of time to writing. Unless I’m sick, I’m at it everyday.

Do you have a favorite genre to write in? To read?

Fantasy, definitely fantasy. I’m like a female Peter Pan. Reading is different. I love fantasy, mysteries, thrillers; I like to laugh, but I haven’t read anything lately in that genre.

What do you enjoy the most about writing?

At the end of the day there is a certain gratification in creating worlds that are only yours, or developing a character as you see them in your minds eye. A writer gives life.

Is there any part of writing that you don't enjoy?

Editing. I think most writers would agree. It is like ouch time!

Can you tell me something odd about yourself?

I’m something of a misanthrope. I hate seeing what the human race is doing to one another. I do like people that are capable of compassion. I recoil when I bump into people that are numb.

Kev's response: Hmm, a misanthropic, soil-loving, female Peter Pan. That's a head-scratcher.

Do you write one story at a time, or do you have several novels in the works at one time?

I multi task. I’m finishing book two of my series, but I’ll sit down and make notes for the third and a stand-alone. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night; get an idea and work on it.

Kev's response: Hmph, and here I've been waking up and just want to get back to sleep!

In my evil plot to take over the world, what one animal type do you advise I use and why?

That’s an easy one. A Sinornithosaurus, one nasty feathered raptor that can leap through the air, is intelligent; has great eyesight and is a killing machine. The beasts in my first book are based on them with added features.

Kev's response: Making notes now....

Where do you see the future as far as paper books versus digital e-books?

I still love the feel of a paper book. I read every night and would prefer pb to digital. Digital is here to stay and it will be interesting to see how the market develops.

What are your current projects?

I just released book one of a trilogy. THE RISING-THE LOST CHILDREN of MANAGRAIL. It’s on Amazon and B&N in ebook. I hope to have some pb’s out shortly. The second VANISHED will be out in the summer. It’s YA fantasy (12-15)

Do you have any advice for others about self-publishing?

You better believe in yourself and don’t give up your dream. It is hard work even if you’re an Indie, probably harder. Put one foot in front of the other. It’s a big world out there and you just have to find your audience.

Do you have any online sites where readers can find out more about you (and your books)?

Yes, my blog is, FB is Aron Joice YA Fantasy, and I tweet @aronjoice.

Kev's response: Err, what do you tweet to yourself?! :) Aron, thank you for joining me, and providing a chance to practice my third-rate comedy routine.

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