Arissa (no known alias)

Arissa is a 26 year old woman. She is 5'6" tall, once had brunette hair, although after her escape from the prison transport system she colored it to a mix of chocolate in the front and pale brown in the back. She keeps her hair styled. Her eyes are brown, although the schlera (the white of the eye) often glows due to her use of telepathy. She commonly appears unhappy or serious, and doesn't mind the idea of cruelty to others.

Arissa is a villain. She worked with Mr. Ingram of Ropcor to initiate a new slave trade in supers, although this attempt failed when a group of heroes including Black Tiger, Psystar, Gatecrasher, Hellshock and Firebane stopped her minion Sunspot and the other supers she had made mind-slaves for her own protection.

She is a psychic focused on several uses of telepathy. She has the power to speak with others mind-to-mind at great distances, but is also able to visualize snapping a mental whip to attack someone. The effect is a skull-splitting migraine that often knocks out the opponent. She is also able to block off a person's memories and emotions, create a new area for memories (who knows why languages and common activities continue to be understood by the person), and make them totally obedient to her. These mind-slaves can feel pain, but otherwise have no emotions.

She has no special weaknesses, although she has no protections against physical or energy attacks.

Arissa has no martial arts training or first aid training.

Her parents are normal humans.

Arissa first appeared in H.E.R.O. - New Markets.