Gatecrasher (no known alias)

Gatecrasher is a brick, stands approximate 6'4" tall, weighs around 550 lbs. and has brown hair and hazel eyes.

Before becoming a super some ten years ago, Gatecrasher was a sergeant in the Marines. He still maintains the beliefs from the Corps, and maintains a general soldier-like attitude while performing his duties as a H.E.R.O. agent. He tends to want to plan out an attack, and then execute the attack without a great degree of dallying-about.

He has no known job apart from being a H.E.R.O. agent, although he is active enough not to need a separate job. He has an excellent long term relationship with Captain McCain, and shares his belief that the heroes need be more offical, and less like rock stars than they are now. He has allied himself with a variety of heroes of time, and is on good terms with Hellshock.

Gatecrasher is a fairly standard brick. He can lift approximately 50 tons, has the normal armored skin (which appears normal), and can hold his breath for an hour or so. He has a charging movement ability that allows him to run in a relatively straight line at approximately 60 mph. Unfortunately, the power does not allow him to move side to side very well, and he does not use it to move around the city due to the damage he causes to vehicles and property. When charging into a wall or other object, he can put forward a shoulder to cause a shield-like effect that tends to break down a larger area of the obstacle than his body alone would cause.

Gatecrasher uses a reinforced Jeep (normally with the top down) as his primary mode of transportation. Rather than a spandex (or special material made by Dr. Turnquist, the costume maker) costume, he wears something akin to lightly padded armor, along with a helmet.

Gatecrasher first appeared in H.E.R.O. - New Markets.