Kurcet (alien race)

The Kurcet are an alien race, one that is advanced and has been starfaring for many thousands of years. The Kurcet are a harsh, domineering species, focused on controlling systems and other beings.

The species is from an extremely high gravity planet, and have extremely dense bone, muscle and internal tissues. This made them extremely strong and durable. The Kurcet have genetically modified their core DNA over thousands of years to the current point of being among the most powerful physical beings known.

The Kurcet are generally bricks of immense power. Capable of lifting 200+ tons each, and with brick-type impenetrable skin flooded with receptors that block even talons/swords, and other receptor-based weaponry. Their internal tissue is so dense as to make a "normal" (50-ton strength) brick's punches do at most minor damage. This protection includes vitals such as eyes, mouth, etc. They are very long-lived creatures, and train in mental defenses against telepaths. However, most of their protection versus psychics come from slave psychics raised with the sole purpose of protecting them.

In appearance, the race has become extremely similar in appearance, almost to the degree of being clone-like. This is primarily due to the genetic enhancements done to themselves over time. It has caused their skin to appear charcoal in color, with blotches of green, and is cracked and scarred, although not from damage. Their eyes are solid black, with enhancements done to allow them to see in near total darkness. Their hair only grows in a small patch the size of a hand on the rear top of their skull. It is quite thick and hard, and bends little. It tends to stick up or slightly back, much like grass. The nose is flattened against the face, as are the ears. They generally all wear black leather-like pants, boots, and a harness over their bare torso, used to carry many small items and weapons in pouches.

In attitude, the Kurcet are calm, fearless, and opportunistic. They work as a team of "partners" on their ships, with no set leadership. They enslave other races, and use them as general crew aboard their starships. While they provide a basic, but nutritious paste for their slaves to eat, the Kurcet feed on their own slaves.

They are known for being slavers and raiders, and are both feared and hated by most other species.

The Kurcet have no special weaknesses, although they are weakest against psychic attacks.

In combat, they use basic brawling, as few ever face foes powerful enough to challenge them physically.

All members of the species are male. They breed with other races, generally with brick females. Their genetic enhancements cause a child to always be a male Kurcet.

Kurcet first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Incursion (first mention in H.E.R.O. - Gene Front).