Captain McCain

Captain McCain heads up the regional H.E.R.O. headquarters located in Metrocity. As such, he has official command over all personnel in the headquarters, as well as over the administrative agents and supers who handle the special tasks.

He is a serious man, and seeks to put a solid, reliable face to other government agencies. He is well aware of the flighty nature of many of the supers, and hopes to curb that over time to make them as popular with other branches of the government as they are with the common man. He is a workaholic, lives alone (for the rather small amount of time he spends at home), and is almost always reachable by his heroes.

He dresses in business attire - most often with a button-up shirt, tie and pants, occasionally donning a business jacket.

While Captain McCain is a brick super, he rarely gets into combat or other super-related events. He will if many lives are in danger, such as when the mutants attacked the hospital seeking to kidnap their brethren. His powers are fairly average for a brick. He can lift perhaps 40 tons, his skin is slightly harder than most bricks, and he has no known special movement abilities. He is one of the earliest people that changed into a brick in Metrocity, and has been one for over 20 years.

Captain McCain first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Metamorphosis.