Neon (Bart, no known last name))

Neon is a 19 year old man. He is 6'1" tall, has short brown hair, and gray eyes. He is slim of build, and appears slightly less defined than most blaster supers. He stays clean shaven.

Neon did not plan on being a hero or villain, and discovered his ability later than most new supers. He normally wears jeans and a t-shirt with the logo of a comic book character or fantasy monster. When he discovered his power, the misguided young man attempted to kidnap Rayna.

He has the ability to sap individuals of their strength, and some of their toughness as well. Each time he performs this ability (via touch by skin or through clothing), he gains half their current strength, and that person loses the same amount. (After one sapping, the person is at 50% lifting ability, after 2 saps they lift 25% of their normal amount, 3 saps = 12.5%, 4 saps = 6.25%, and so on. As a sap only takes a moment to perform, and can be done again after a few seconds, Neon is extremely dangerous to be in physical contact with. He can sap multiple individuals, cumulatively gaining all of their strength, and becoming ever tougher. His skin never becomes impenetrable as a brick's, nor his internal tissue hard, but he becomes difficult to cut, tear, bruise, or damage via energy attacks. The strength remains for about 1 hour from a single sap, but multiple saps add to the overall duration. The victim stays weak for the same duration, but then quickly regains their strength.

An interesting side effect of the sapping process causes Bart to become dark green, tinged with a neon green glow. Any articles of clothing directly touching his skin become this color, although loose-fitting clothing appears patchy, with only the sections directly touching him changing color.

Neon has poor judgement, and is easy to manipulate.

He has no special weaknesses, although he has no special defenses prior to sapping someone. After he saps one or more people, and gains toughness, he becomes harder to injure physically. This can reach a point where even a paragon's blasting ability will only slightly injure him.

Neon has no combat skills.

His parents were normal humans.

Neon first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Gene Front.