Winterfury (no known alias))

Winterfury is a 33 year old male. He is 6'1" tall, is bald, and has glowing ice blue irises and pupils. He has been a super for approximately thirteen years, and a villain for all of that time.

Winterfury is either a blaster with ice powers, or an elemental that has never been seen to change his body into the element he controls. Has the ability to generate ice in the area around him, including covering floors with ice, forming a suit of toughened ice armor over himself, and blasting ice and cold at others. He is also able to lower the temperature in the area. Cold and ice appear to have no affect on him at all. He is known to lift at most a ton.

Winterfury is an assassin and mercenary who travels as necessary. He is believed to be behind dozens of deaths in the United States alone.

It is assumed that he has a weakness to heat or fire, although he murdered the only fire super who combated him.

His costume is blue and purple on the torso, and off-white elsewhere. At will, he is able to generate toughened ice armor that looks much like semi-transparent white medieval plate armor. He can also create a shield of toughened ice.

He is known to have good hand-to-hand combat skills.

His parents are normal humans.

Winterfury first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Gene Front.