Lady Celeste (no known alias))

Lady Celeste is a 40 year old woman. She is 5'11" tall, has black hair kept styled at all times, and has completely black eyes. She has long, sharp nails, although they appear to be long nails and not the talons common to most mutants. She is thin, and has pale skin.

She is always seen in elegant gothic, renaissance, or evening gown type dresses.

Lady Celeste is a mutant, one of a category that looks similar to mythological vampires. It is unknown if she has any requirement for blood, but it is rumored that she drinks blood regardless. She has several other powers, including the ability to sense a person's powers by smell (at least she uses the motion of smelling a person's wrist as a common tactic). She can also see glimpses of a person's future.

Lady Celeste owns Blacklight - one of the most prominent Gothic mutant-based clubs in Metrocity. She is on good terms with Lady Nocturne and Lady Rapture. She appears to have guards (or servants?) with her at all times.

She has no special weaknesses.

No one is certain if Lady Celeste has any actual combat training.

Nothing is known of her parents.

Lady Celeste first appeared in H.E.R.O. - Horde.